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'NETER', a piece exploring nature's dominance and importance internally and externally. We are generally taught to believe we are disconnected from everything, including our true selves.

The meaning of the word "PHYSICS" is "the study of the composition of Nature". The word "Nature" comes from the Ancient Latin word "NATURA". The word "Natura" originates in the Egyptian words "NETER" (GOD) and "NETERU" (GOD'S manifestations). The early Greek students of physics, such as Thales and Democritus, learned the science of the study of GOD from the Egyptian masters who instructed them to "Know Thyself". Since each human being is a Neter, a manifestation of GOD the most direct way to know GOD (NETER) is to study GOD'S manifestation, NETERU - ONESELF, because NETERU cannot exist without being sustained at every moment by NETER. Therefore, NETER can be found in NETERU. It is only due to the rampant, untrained thought processes that control the direction of the mind, that GOD (NETER) is not perceived by us (Neteru). Therefore, the study of NETER through NETER'S manifestations in NETERU requires the mastery of our thought faculty, Djehuti, and the understanding of laws by which nature exists (MAAT).

- Muata Ashby